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Llagas Creek was established in 1987 by Gary Broeder, out of the need for a more realistic, reasonably priced track system for the gauge 1 Garden Railroader. In 1988 Llagas Creek Railways introduced the first US prototype gauge 1 flex track, and currently offers 3 different style tie strips and 4 rail types. Our products are in use across the USA, from Alaska to Florida, New York to Hawaii and in the UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and South Africa.

Gary is now Research & Development Manager for Llagas Creek, while William Mai is Manufacturing & Sales Manager. They have formed a team to bring new and improved products to market and offer improved delivery of the whole product line

If you are planning a new layout or an addition to an existing line, indoors or out, we look forward to quoting your requirements.

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    Llagas Creek flex track is designed to look like US prototype trackage. All tie strips are complete with cast in place tie plates, cast spike heads, and very realistic wood grain. Our track is unique in that we offer realistically sized code 250 or 215 rail. In actual use for 12 years, we have found that this "scale sized" rail is just as reliable on garden railways as the larger rail of other manufacturers. Code 250 rail is only 0.082 (82 thousandths of an inch) smaller than code 332. Careful design has ensured that all of our tie strips provide plenty of flange clearance for reliable operation with all currently manufactured Gauge 1 trains; Aristo Craft, Aster, Bachmann, LGB, etc. Our tie strips are molded in modern UV resistant plastic that is weatherproof in blazing Florida sun or freezing Alaska cold! 

    The following chart shows the relation of code 215 and code 250 to prototype rail. The "code" of model rail is the height in thousands of an inch. Code 250 = 0.250 or 1/4 inch. Note of interest: the size of prototype rail is measured in pounds per yard. 

    Modeling scale 1:20.3 1:22.5 1:24 1:29
    Model rail code 250 = prototype lb/yd 80 90 100 132
    Model rail code 215 = prototype lb/yd 65 75 85 110
    *155 lb/yd is the largest size rail used by railroads in the U. S.

    Our 1:20.3 scale "narrow gauge look" ties measure 3.8" long x 0.3" high x 0.4" wide. Ties are spaced at 10 to the foot and slightly offset side to side for that real "narrow gauge" look. Although we designed this tie strip for 1:20.3 scale, many of our customers think it looks great with their 1:22.5 (G) scale trains as well. These ties accept our code 215 and 250 narrow base rail in cast on prototype looking tie plates with random spike heads.

    Our black "G" ties measure 3.5 " long x 1/4 high x 3/8 wide, and are spaced 12 ties to the foot. These ties accept our code 215 or 250 narrow base rail. The cast on tie plate detail is per the prototype. Many of our customers use this tie strip with their Aristo Craft 1:29 scale trains. 

    Our 1:32 scale "standard gauge" ties measure 3.18" (8.5 Ft. scale) in length. Height and width are correctly scaled at .22" x .28" ( 7" x 9" ) Tie spacing is 20 to the foot. These ties accept our code 215 and 250 narrow base rail. Tie plate detail is scaled from the prototype. This is the only accurately scaled U.S. prototype track available for 1:32 scale.


    Flex track allows you to form curves to fit your railways unique design and location. There is no need to be limited by the use of fixed radius curves. Our rail and tie strips are available separately, allowing you to custom curve and assemble track to fit your needs. You may purchase assembled track where tangent (straight) track or gentle curves are planned.


    Our U.S. made code 215 and 250 narrow base aluminum rails are both made of super strong 6061-T6 alloy. This alloy is close to mild steel in tensile strength. Aluminum rail has been successfully used for many years on both indoor and outdoor track powered railways. To supply power to aluminum rail, feeder wires may be soldered to our stainless steel or nickel-silver rail joiners. Most of our customers who run live steam or battery powered radio control locos are choosing aluminum rail due to it's low cost. The cost savings on a layout of a few hundred feet will pay for a complete R/C battery & recharger setup!

    Our code 215 and 250 narrow base nickel silver rails are of the finest quality and also made here in the U.S. with an 18 % nickel content. Nickel silver rail is preferred over brass due to it's electrically conductive oxide and low maintenance. Indoors or out, nickel silver rail requires less cleaning that brass rail and nickel silver will weather to a pleasing, realistic gray-brown color.


    While our flex track is flexible to a certain degree, all rail materials do have a bit of spring to them, and as such, should be pre-curved to hold a given radius. This is especially true if you are planning to use the "floating" track method as opposed to fastening the track down to wood battens, masonry or concrete. It is possible to curve all of our rail using one's hands, however, we recommend our improved Lindsay Rail Bender to quickly produce smooth, consistent bends with ease. Use our rail bender to build your own sectional track with any radius you require. Imagine the possibilities! Our rail bender can curve to less than a 3 inch radius for turntable pit rails. Have a lot of rail to bend? Use our power adapter with an electric drill to help the job to go quickly. 


    On the prototype, the "switch" is the part of a turnout that actually moves: the points and the tie bar. Our "super strong" turnouts with solid plastic ties and stainless steel spikes are available for the black tie 1:22.5 "G" scale line and our brown tie 1:20.3 scale narrow gauge line. The 1:32 standard gauge line uses wooden ties that have been soaked in a high quality exterior grade brown stain. All of our turnouts use a solid cast nickel-silver or silver brazed nickel-silver frog to ensure that short wheel base locos will not stall, as they may do on plastic frogs. Our all metal frogs will provide years of smooth, trouble free performance. If you require an isolated frog, we can build up turnouts using our insulated rail joiners.

    Our turnout points and guard rails are positioned to accept wheel sets made to the "recommended practice" of 40 mm (1.575") back-to-back measurement.

    Our ready built turnouts feature the Tenmille Ground Throw (TGT) as standard equipment. For remote turnout operation we recommend the E-Z Air system. We produce the E-Z Air Motor Mount (EZMM), a great looking plastic cover/holder which provides the quickest, easiest and best looking way of installing the E-Z Air system weatherproof turnout actuator.

    Our turnout kits come gauged and spiked to a few small wooden ties, ready for you to spike to your ties. A tie bar is included, but no throw mechanism. You must install the tie bar and throw.


    Our Insulated Rail Joiners (IRJ) are the nicest looking ones you will find with realistic nut and bolt detail cast into the brown plastic body. Insulated joiners are required on live frog turnouts, reverse or balloon loops and turning Y's when using track powered trains. Insulated joiners allow the block type system of wiring to be used with separate electrical circuits for sidings or branch lines. One advantage of the block system is that you may park or run an electric loco on a siding while running another on the mainline. They may also be used to set up working signaling systems even if you are using battery or live steam power.


    Our Rail Blenders (RB) are small rail shaped castings of nickel-silver that make it easy to connect code 250 rail to our code 215, or code 250 to code 332 rail using standard rail joiners. These allow you to add Llagas Creek track products to an existing layout that uses code 332 rail or change between rail sizes easily on an all Llagas Creek layout, such as using code 250 for the mainline and code 215 for the sidings and spurs.


    We are now offering our Standard Gauge turnout ties separately. These are cut from cedar and stained to match the Standard Gauge track ties. Price is $0.95 each in any of the available lengths. We recommend our Medium Spikes (MS) for use with these ties. These are listed under Turnout Components on the Price List.

    The Llagas Creek Ground Throw is coming! These are internally sprung, and will be offered singly and in multiple kits. Watch for it!

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